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Sleeping Bed for Pets

  • $34.99 USD


  • We all love when our pets are snuggling with us in our bed, but sometimes you just want that space for yourself. They can be very picky when it comes to choosing their beds. Well, this bed your pet will absolutely adore!

  • This kennel is made of long push - one of the most comfortable, soft and fluffy materials. The material is also quite easy to clean and maintain. With three available dimensions, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the one that will suit your pet the best.
  • Your pet will get used to the new bed in no time. The bed is made of non-toxic materials, which won't release any unpleasant smells that your pet might find repulsing. Also, it is easy to move around and you can find the spot which your pet prefers.



Delivery: Due to high demand please expect 2-4 weeks for the order to the United States and 2-6 weeks for International orders to arrive safely to your home.