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The WaistTrainer™

  • $19.99 USD

Look and feel SEXIER with the magic of the WAIST TRAINER™

The WAIST TRAINER ™ is an amazing waistband that shapes your waist down 3-5 INCHES when you wear it. It gives you INSTANT CURVES and BACK SUPPORT.

The Waist Band has a FLEX-BONING TECHNOLOGY that has FOUR REINFORCED ACRYLIC BONES and is encased to a HEAVY CANVAS. This will help HIDE your belly, shape your waist and provide HIGH support to the lumbar back.

The Waistrainer™ has an ADJUSTABLE VELCRO closure to ENHANCE the COMPRESSION around your tummy. Moreover, it has a PRECISE MESH STRETCH fabric that makes the waistband BREATHABLE, therefore letting your blood flow regularly for un ultimate comfort.

Gives your hourglass curves instantly.

The WAIST TRAINER™ can be worn either OVER or UNDER your clothes.

Stimulates fat burn & weight loss. Targets right at your midsection, make you sweat during your fitness workout and stimulates abdomen fat burning.

  • Adjustable velcro closure waistband to enhance the compression around your tummy.
  • Improves posture by providing support on your back.

  • Wear it over or under your clothes, at the gym, around the house, at work, or during a night out.
  • Take Advantage of the double velcro adjustment for sizing accuracy.

83% of our customers buy 2 or more WaistTrainers to always have one available when the other is being washed.

Delivery: Due to high demand please expect 2-4 weeks for the order to the United States and 2-6 weeks for International orders to arrive safely to your home.